How can I achieve selective mailbox recovery using EdbMails?


By LindenGeorgeA 13.01.2020 11:33:36

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Now you don’t want to perform complete mailbox recovery. But, how can you get there? You could get there using EdbMails Exchange recovery tool.

So here is a brief guide that will teach you how to get successful in selective mailbox recovery using EdbMails.

The application will recover Exchange in a most convinced way. EdbMails designed with the multiple features, in that selective Exchange mailbox recovery is also one of the best feature introduced by the EdbMails.

Now what exactly the selective Exchange mailbox recovery means, the application would allow the Exchange user to recover the mailboxes or folders of his choice from Exchange server EDB file. So you can recover any folders, subfolders, contact folders, archive mailbox, public folders, tasks, notes, data journals. Nowadays selective Exchange recovery is the most common need of the Exchange user and EdbMails got success in satisfying the need of the Exchange user. So along with the complete mailbox recovery you can expect selective mailbox recovery with 100% result using EdbMails application.

Together with selective mailbox recovery, one more feature introduced by the EdbMails which makes the software more professional that is permanently deleted mailbox recovery


Most of the time Exchange user in a need for the mailbox which had deleted. He may worry to recover the deleted Exchange mailbox. But you don’t need to be tensed about deleted mailbox recovery EdbMails will give you the 100% guarantee in successful deleted mailbox recovery.

Most commonly accidently deleted mailboxes are still retained in the Exchange server database until it’s permanently deleted by the Exchange administrator or until mailbox retention period ends. But the easy process you have, to recover deleted Exchange server mailboxes and permanently deleted emails from the Exchange EDB files is with EdbMails Application.

So go and stick with the EdbMails application to completely utilize its advanced feature which would have beneficial for the enhancement of your organization.