Oval Chainring BCD 110mm 46T


By Robzer0 24.01.2024 18:43:05

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Jauns nelietots 1x  46T zobrats.

Includes: 1pcs oval chainring with bolts
Shape: oval chainring, aero model
Compatible with P.C.D 110mm
4 arms, Fit for 105 5800 6800 4700 9000 crank,  ,Compatible for FC4700 FC5800 FC6800 FC9000, NOT fit R type, such as R6800.Single speed,can not use for double chainring.
Material: AL7075-T651 CNC made
Strength: HB150
fit for 11speed,compatible for 9s 10speed


RĪga, Ķengarags/Dreiliņi . 27nulle nulle3793.

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