[PĀRDOD] TreeFrog Pro 1 bike rack


By Eddy 21.05.2023 19:41:39

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Pārdodu TreeFrog Pro 1 bike rack - https://treefrogracks.eu/product/treefr … bike-rack/
Mazlietots, komplekta gan stirpinajums prieksh shosejas QR axle, gan MTB boost axle - https://treefrogracks.eu/product-catego … cessories/


Te apraksts no razotaja:
TreeFrog Pro 1 bike rack is a double layer roof rack that features a unique figure-7 shape, placing the vacuum cups in a perfect triangle for maximum holding capacity. It holds 1 bike (up to 20kg). No e-bike!!!

The Pro 1 double layer Polycarbonate deck has 3 TreeFrog vacuum cups, each rated to hold 110kg, a 9-15x100mm universal fork mount and a strong ladder strap rear wheel holder.
The 9-15x100mm universal fork mount securely holds either a standard 9mm quick release or a 15x100mm fork.

It’s a great choice for any car, and it even fits in a backpack, so traveling with it is easy, and it’s an excellent choice for use with rental cars and can be mounted on the roof, hatchback, or rear window.

Ta ka man richuku vairs nav, shis brinums ari vairs nav vajadzigs. Visadi citadi superiga lieta, ja tavai vai nomas mashinai nav reilinju.


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