Cenos Cycling - a new Carbon wheel brand in Baltics


By Mosquitolt 22.11.2021 19:45:06

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Carbon wheels from Baltics - Cenos

I want to present Cenos Carbon wheels to the Latvian XC community.

I have founded Cenos with a belief, that many of the big brands are locked in their traditional slow and outdated attitude, and a vision that better carbon wheel products could be offered.
I am astounded how some of the brands are still offering extremely narrow carbon rims, outdated rim profiles, poorly engineered hubs, etc.

Cenos is a small brand, we keep the product portfolio narrow and only serve quality products,

X3 Series series (30mm internal width) - 3 hub options.
G3 Series (30mm height, 25mm internal width) - 2 hub options.
R4 Series (40mm height road lightweight) - 2 hub options.
R5 Series (50mm height road aero) - 2 hub options.

Please don't hesitate to contact us info@cenos.cc or +37068619777